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Our emphasis is very much on giving you the best quality LPG conversion available for your vehicle, whilst remaining excellent value for money. We will probably not be the cheapest or the quickest conversion you will find, but we will always strive to be the best.

Our prices are very straightforward and are the total drive-away cost, no hidden extras! Our standard price for a VW T25 (both water and air cooled) is £1150-00 all inclusive.

Each Campershack conversion includes:

All conversion work is carried out in compliance with UKLPG CoP11 guidelines, so you can be confident your conversion will give years of safe and reliable service.

Whilst we convert more VW T25s than anything else, we can convert almost any petrol vehicle to run on LPG. Please Contact Us for a quote for your vehicle.

Please note that we will not offer to convert your vehicle in a day. A Campershack conversion will take two full days.

We firmly believe that Autogas conversions cannot be completed to consistent quality standards whilst rushing to meet a 1 day deadline. We also prefer to check the correct operation of your vehicle, on gas and petrol, following conversion.  This includes checking the ability to start from cold on LPG, which is impossible if converting in just one day.

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